Friday, July 15, 2011

Sale of the century

It is no secret that I have A LOT of stuff for Kaden. I'm always looking for a good deal, and I'd rather have a few more things for Kaden that I got a good deal on, rather than pay full price for only a couple of items. I also always had the impression that another child would get good use out of the hand-me-downs, but with the coming of our twin girls, that wasn't going to happen. So...we decided to have a major garage sale. I went through my ENTIRE house and gathered items for this sale over the past couple of months. We knew if we were putting the work into having a sale that we wanted to make sure we were clearing out everything in preparation for these girls! You name it, we probably had it at the garage sale. It felt SO good purging and cleaning things out- cupboards, toys, clothes, and the biggest project- our basement storage area. We got rid of bins and bins of my old teaching supplies, books, and things that have remained untouched in our 7 years of marriage. I also had 16 bins of boy clothes, shoes, etc. that I sorted and priced for the sale. I had lots of friends come over and "pre-shop" for good selections, and the public enjoyed the sale as well. We got rid of almost everything in the sale over the course of 2 days, and made an incredible amount. We're thankful that we were able to do this and save up for some of the items we have to buy in preparation for 2 kids at one time. It also feels good to temporarily have lots of room in storage and know that we'll never be storing so many kids clothes again. Here's a preview of the calm before the storm:

Yes, those are all of Kaden's clothes.... 0-4T. Phew.

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Krista said...

I would have loved your teaching supplies!! But the distance between MI and PA might have posed a problem!-Krista