Friday, July 29, 2011


Kaden is a boy after his parents' hearts. He LOVES the Calvin College Knights. He went to several basketball games there this year, and every time we drive past or go to Calvin, he asks if the Knights are there. We tell him that they're home for the summer! :) This past winter I had season tickets to the basketball games, and we hope to get season passes again this year. We figured it'd be something special that we could do with just him especially with the craziness of the twins coming soon. Plus, it doesn't hurt to work at Calvin and get perks for games! :)

When we found this Armor of God set in my teaching supplies when I was cleaning out for the mega garage sale, Kaden was SO excited. He loves his (yes, he took full ownership of it as soon as he saw it) Knight set and talks about how he's going to be a Calvin College Knight when he gets bigger. I'd support that decision if he still thinks so in another 10+ years.

Today when we were driving around running errands, Kaden said, "Mom.... Calvin College Knights!" Sure enough. I looked over and saw a Calvin bumper sticker on a car we were passing. He even asks if the Calvin College Knights are playing when he sees a team wearing maroon on ESPN. This kid doesn't miss a beat.

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