Monday, April 2, 2012

Capturing Conversations

Kaden's prayer at dinner last night: "Dear Jesus, thank you for my brocceroni. Amen."

Um, what exactly is brocceroni? Once again, I'll admit, I laughed. I know it's one of those moments that you should hold it together and have a discussion about appropriate prayers, but this one just threw me off- coming out of nowhere. After we got over our laughter, we had the discussion. :)


Kaden got out of bed last night while he was trying to fall asleep. A common occurrence, yet one he knows he's not supposed to do. As I walked him back into his room and tucked him in, he says in the sweetest voice, "Mom, I'm REALLY, REALLY sorry I got out of bed. I know I'm only supposed to come out of bed if I hear something roaring outside or if there's a big giant in my room."

I'm pretty sure I never told him that those were the specifications.

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