Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter afternoon

After our traditional Easter meal of ham we relaxed. It was nice to hang out and spend time with family as we celebrated the Resurrection of Christ!

Kaden was pretty excited to spend time with Uncle Brian.

Playing Operation
(Kaden's new game in his Easter basket. We had an old one that didn't work from when Andy was younger, but Kaden kept asking for one that worked, so I grabbed a new one from my stash of stuff in the basement. I love having a stash of age-appropriate stuff for my kids that I find for dirt cheap on clearance/sale, garage sales, etc. It makes Christmas, holidays, and birthdays pretty easy and stress-free!)

Showing off his Easter eggs

Having fun opening up his Easter basket from Grandma Rysdam

Hanging out with the girls. Kaden wouldn't take a picture with us (of course).


Watching the Master's on TV. Look at their hands. Precious.

Hi Ho Cherry O! Uncle Brian got his share of games in for the afternoon.

A visit with Uncle Brian or Uncle Steve wouldn't be complete without a wrestling session.

Horse rides from Uncle Brian. Nothing like getting him all riled up before bed.

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