Sunday, April 22, 2012

This one's for you, Kirk and Karen....

To our devoted blog readers, all the way in Australia! :)

The other day I overheard Kaden talking on "his" cell phone (our old one that doesn't work): "Um, hi, I need a flight to Australia.  Ok.  Bye."

Me: "Kaden why do you need a flight to Australia?"

K: "So I can visit Mr. Kirk."

Later that day (no joke....great timing)...... I told Kaden that he got some mail.  He proceeded to open a brochure of fish in Australia with a note from Mr. Kirk.  Kaden screamed with such delight.  "MOM, MOM!!!!!  Mr. Kirk sent me this!!!  This is from where he lives.  That's SO cool!!!!!!!"

He spent the next 20 minutes looking at the brochure quietly on the couch.  When he was done he let out a big sigh and said, "Mom, I miss Mr. Kirk."

We love and miss you guys!! :)

The note from Mr. Kirk has since made its way to Kaden's bulletin board in his room.

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Karen said...

Wow - our 5 minutes of fame on the Rysdam blog!!

Great, great post - love it. We'll be waiting at the airport for Kaden :) Thank you so much - we miss you guys too. Looking forward to seeing you in September.

Sorry to deep sea fishing pictures for Kaden. I (Karen) spent more time "feeding the fish" than catching fish :(

The 2 K's