Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas festivities with Grandpa

Kaden loves his Grandpa VDH.  They're buddies for sure.  Kaden had written up a whole list of projects he wanted them to do together while they were here, and of course, I don't think Kaden really cared what they did, as long as they did it together.  Kaden decorated cookies, made a gingerbread house (had some help from Grandma on these projects, too), and built a birdhouse together.  Kaden also got to run some errands with Grandpa, played with Grandpa (and the rest of us) at the Children's Museum, and talked Grandpa into playing with all of his new toys for hours.  

Not a day goes by where Kaden doesn't talk about Grandpa or wish that he lived closer.  We miss you Grandpa (and Grandma- haha!  Something about that boy bond :)

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