Monday, January 28, 2013

Fun in the snow

We've gotten a decent amount of snow here in the past week.  Kaden has been enjoying the snow to the fullest, even despite the freezing cold temperatures last week!  This was our second decent snowfall this year- the first one melted away, so Kaden was excited for more snow to come again!  He loves shoveling, rolling around, and best of all, sledding in Grandma's backyard.  The hill behind Grandma Rysdam's condo is a perfect little hill for kids like Kaden, and he gets it all to himself!  Plus, I can watch him from the window in the basement without having to take the girls outside! :)

Woo whoo! More snow! :)

Shovel, shovel!

Watching Kaden through the front door

Hmm... what's he doing out there with that shovel?

He made it down the hill!

Silly faces through the window

Love those rosy cheeks!


Trying to walk through the freshly fallen snow

Back up the hill

And down again

Hi, Mom!

The girls love to watch their brother outside :)

Whatcha doin', good lookin? :)

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