Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas picture overload

Yes, I know that putting too many pictures on a blog is a blog faux pas, but since this is my way of sharing our life with friends and family far away, and since I make my blog into a photo book each year, I've created my own rules :)  Enjoy our Christmas in pictures.  As you can see, we had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas together here in MI.  I love seeing Christmas through my kids' eyes; their wonder, joy, excitement in the simple things.  Thank you, God, for your gift of Jesus to us!

Kaden checking out Uncle Steve's gift
Birdhouse building project

Yay!  Got the Anthropologie serving utensils I wanted :)

Opening gifts

Daddy opens his gift.  I think Kaden was excited about it too! :)

Helping Uncle Brian

Daddy hanging out with Maya during snack time

Rosy-cheek Maya- very common site! :)

Showing off my new UA sweatshirt

Maya takes it all in

Helping Aunt Kelly open her gifts

Yay!  More diapers!

Cuddle time with Makenna

Makenna is excited to see what Mom is getting!

New Jake sheets from Grandpa and Grandma!

Kaden's gift for Grandpa- he asked to get something and pick it out all by himself for his buddy :)

Yay!  Daddy finally got his Apple TV
New Veggie Tales pirate movie

Makenna enjoying her new toys

Kaden trying out his new Spiderman glove

Makenna concentrating on opening up a present.  I love how her cheeks hang and her tongue sticks out when she does that :)

More concentration on presents

Excited about our new L&L shoes! :)

I think the girls had more fun playing with packaging :)

Oooh, we could use this luggage scale

Checking out the videos

Kaden was very excited to get some real tools.  Bye Little Tikes tool chest, hello big boy workbench!! :)

Opening up new tools while Grandpa tells them what they're for
Opening up presents is fun!

That looks like a good book, Grandpa!

Maya relaxes with Grandma Rysdam

Maya and Daddy

Maya checking out her goodies

Annual Christmas picture with new coordinating PJ's.  Love this tradition.

I especially love this tradition.  Kaden opened up his final Christmas book (We wrap 25 days of Christmas books), and the Christmas Day book is always the new one.  This year I chose Song of the Stars: A Christmas Story.  Kaden was hot, so he enjoyed the book without his shirt on :)

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