Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas celebrations part 1

We celebrated Christmas this weekend with our little family and Grandma Rysdam. When we spend Christmas in NJ, we like to celebrate Christmas with the Rysdam family (all 4 of us) separately- the more parties, the merrier! :) Kaden has really figured out this whole Christmas thing. He LOVED opening all of his presents, and didn't know what to do with all of the new things- he just kept going from one thing to the next! He's starting to catch on to our message about the fact that Santa is fake and that the presents come from Mommy & Daddy, and that we are really celebrating Jesus' birthday. We'll see how that develops as he gets older. We really want him to know that Santa is not actually a real person and that Jesus is the reason we celebrate Christmas. So, he thinks Santa is just another character in books, on TV, etc... almost like Bob the Builder... in that same category! :) It will be interesting when he breaks that news to his friends at school.... hmm....but hey, can't hide the truth! Sorry for so many pictures, I couldn't narrow it down!
Mommy & Kaden

Daddy & Kaden

Kaden and Grandma Rysdam

Showing off his new apron- he wore it for quite awhile, and he loves it! :)

Playing Doctor... he said he wants to be a doctor when he grows up. I'm okay with that.

Best gift ever- gift cards to enjoy Starbucks and eating out. We love to eat out, but it's something that is easily cut out of the budget. When we get them as gifts, it makes it even more of a treat!

Playing with his new drum pad- I had to include this picture because of Andy's expression. Hahaha... watch out, daddy! :)

Being silly with his food, as usual.

So intent on opening up the presents... no matter who the present was for. He HAD to open it.

I have too many bows and tried to get creative with my wrapping this year.

Opening presents with Daddy

Daddy seems overly excited about putting together Kaden's new little people airport.

Cutting food. He is obsessed with cutting things- paper with scissors and his own food with his plastic knife, so when I saw this Melissa & Doug cutting kit, I knew he needed it. Of course, I'm also a sucker for anything Melissa & Doug.... he may have gotten a few too many items by M&D this year... oops...

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