Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Little Shepherd Boy

Kaden goes to Pat's house on Mondays while I go to work, and he absolutely loves it there. We love him being there, too. He has structure, loving care, friends, craft time, story time, and it's so good for him! We're thankful this worked out for this year! Last week Pat's Pumpkins put on a Birthday Party for Jesus. It was seriously the cutest thing ever. It was hard to believe that my 2 yr. old boy was a little shepherd boy, his first debut. He was so good, too. He stood on stage, listened as they all presented gifts to Baby Jesus, and sang songs almost as loudly as he practiced them at home. At the end of the party we celebrated with cake and presents! Happy Birthday, Jesus!

All of the daycare kids on stage (yes, even the babies participate)

Holding his gift for Baby Jesus

Listening carefully, with the tongue sticking out of course....

"Go Tell it on the Mountain..."


"The stars in the sky looked down where he lay..."

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!!" The cutest thing ever.

Kaden and Daddy

Little Shepherd Boy

Opening up his presents from Pat

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