Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I realize this post is a little behind, but I still wanted to take the time to reflect on our Thanksgiving. I had the honor of hosting my first Thanksgiving at our house, and it was so much fun! We had friends from Chicago join us this year, and everything just came together so well. It was such a fun weekend full of time spent with friends, family, shopping, and most importantly, being thankful for the MANY blessings God has given us!

Emma Vugteveen- isn't she a cutie? :)

Abby and Kaden waiting to eat dinner

Andy carving the turkey

Making homemade turkey gravy- so domestic! :)
(PS- Thank you Matilda Jane for designing cute aprons for moms who don't have girls!)

Getting ready to eat!

And of course, relaxing after dinner and planning out the Black Friday shopping route!

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