Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decorating our Christmas tree

I hate to admit it, but I succumbed to getting a fake tree this year. After a near deadly tree disaster 2 years ago (we may have accidentally forgotten to water the tree for a pretty significant amount of time), as well as vacuuming pine needles off the floor and keeping them away from a toddler, we decided it might be time to take the leap and buy a temporary fake tree. Last year we looked at trees after Christmas, but there wasn't much of anything left. This year, when I noticed that Hobby Lobby had their Christmas trees 50% off, I figured we had to take the leap. After looking at several places, we decided we liked the one at Hobby Lobby the best. It was pre-lit, the cheapest, and a fake frasier fir- exactly what kind of real one we usually get. I'm still a little sad that we don't have a real tree. I miss the smell and I kind of feel like I cheated a bit. I keep telling myself that this is temporary, and some day when Kaden is older, we can go cut down a tree together as a family and make it a yearly tradition. For now, we'll use our fake tree, set it up in no time at all, skip the hassle of finding the perfect tree, tying it to the car, vacuuming up pine needles.... and I'll plug in an evergreen wallflower from B&BW and call it good. Not a bad deal.

PS- Oh, and did I mention that a small strand of lights isn't working on the tree? Perhaps this will go back to the store and be replaced by a new one in the next few weeks. Sigh.

Beginning the assembly. I strongly disliked fluffing the branches. A horrible task for a perfectionist like me.

Kaden putting on his ornament. He of course needed 2 ornaments this year because he couldn't decide which one he wanted. He thinks this one is a real basketball hoop and pulls the basketball off the ornament and tries to shoot it in the small hoop.

For some reason, Kaden thought it would be fun to wear the stocking instead of letting me hang it up.

Putting the star on with Daddy.

My boys being silly.

Playing with his Nativity Set. I love putting this away and taking it out again the following Christmas- it's almost like it's a new toy!

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