Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Frederick Meijer Gardens

On Sunday night we went to Frederick Meijer Gardens Member's Holiday event. Kaden had so much fun looking at all of the decorations (of course it sounds like "graduation" when he pronounces it) and getting his passport booklet stamped. He especially loved the train set up in the greenhouse where the butterflies usually are. He was mesmerized, as you can tell from the pictures. He was also fascinated with the choir there that was singing Christmas songs all night. He loves music, and this is coming out more and more (hmmm... wonder where he got that from?). The final stop of the night was the tram ride through the gardens to see the trees, which we easily could have skipped- not so much impressive, and it was cold! On the way back into the building, Kaden wanted to walk on his own and not hold our hand (a sign of his recent desire for independence). He put his hands in his pockets so they would be nice and warm (he's also obsessed with doing this right now), and must have tripped over something and went face down, skidding down the sidewalk on his face. Not fun. Of course his face was full of blood and so we ran into the building to get him all cleaned up. By then he was done for the night, tired, sore and just wanted his mommy to hold him in the car, which of course I wasn't able to do! :( Needless to say, he's recovered, and we're looking forward to going to story time in January at FMG- we'll skip walking outside this time.

Family picture- not the best lighting or picture, but we had to prove we were all there.

Daddy and Kaden in front of the Netherlands tree

The mesmerized look on his face while looking at the trains

More trains

Big boy walking down the stairs

Mommy making Kaden's craft ornament for him

Walking with Daddy and Grandma Rysdam

On the tram ride- very cold!

Mommy and Grandma Rysdam

An "after" picture of the owies- looks much better already! Such a brave boy! (I have a feeling he needs to be brave because there's going to be lots more owies to come with him)

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