Tuesday, December 21, 2010


This is what happens after you put up quite the fight for your mom for an entire HOUR. You fall asleep on your beanbag. After numerous power struggles, taking away the blankie and water, giving it back, going back in there, etc.... I finally just let him cry it out and apparently he decided to surrender in his beanbag. I'm not moving him- not worth another battle if he wakes up. Maybe he'll have a sore neck, but then maybe he'll learn that listening to his mom and sleeping in his bed is the better option next time. Moments like this make me struggle as a mom- I feel frustrated when nothing I say and do seems to make any difference in getting him to listen. He's definitely not ready to give up a nap, it was just a complete power struggle. Thank you God for grace and mercy that get me through tough parenting times like this, and for blessing me with that little boy.

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