Friday, February 18, 2011

Family Room Makeover

I've been wanting a new couch for awhile now. People told me I was crazy because the new one would just get dirty with a kid around, but I was getting really sick of the current couch. It lasted us 7 years, but it was starting to fade and show a lot of wear. Well..... looking for a new couch can sometimes turn into something bigger, I've noticed. Once I decided what couch I wanted, I started planning out toy organization in my mind, and Andy kept dreaming about what a new TV would look like in the family room as well. The couch I found was such a great deal, and practical- it was black and a better fabric that would make it easier to hide spills and clean them up (plus we paid extra for fabric protection and a 5 yr warranty to cover spills we can't get out ourselves). I started selling things on Craigslist and saving money, and did some extra literacy work on the side. Andy thought we could cash in our credit card points, and suddenly, these changes could happen. Funny how it all came together. In a way, it was nice to know that we worked hard and saved towards a few things that really made a world of a difference in our family room. Art Van had a major sale which caused us to get the couch even cheaper than we budgeted for, and then the pulling of everything together began. The TV got ordered, the cabinet was ordered and delivered, new cable box... all of that fun stuff. And of course bringing in new colors to our family room also caused me to sew quite a bit and find some new accents for the kitchen, too! :) I find that I really love decorating and adding accents to the house!

The best picture I could find of the current state of the couch.

What the toys and TV looked like before

New couch and ottoman

New set-up- TV, toys, couch, chair.

View from the kitchen

Since these pictures, I finally found the perfect fabric for a new curtain in the family room, and whipped this up. I love how it opens up the room!

The fabric up close- gray and black

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