Sunday, February 13, 2011

The long-awaited helmet

This boy has been asking for a helmet for a long time now. We were going to buy him one for Christmas, and decided he was really getting enough stuff, so we moved it to the birthday list, which is in July. Well, without our realizing it, every Wednesday and Thursday when Kaden's Grandma Rysdam watches him, he would ask her for a football helmet. Seriously, this kid is obsessed with sports. Obsessed! He wants to watch it all day long, he turns everything into some sort of game, and he loves being in the gear. He has certain sneakers he calls his basketball shoes, certain shoes that are his running shoes, he pretends to fall down and get tackled, and he turned his golf clubs into hockey sticks. I haven't quite figured out which sport he really likes the best yet. Anyways.... my MIL told me to order the Michigan football helmet and uniform set for him for Valentine's day. We told Kaden that we had to wait for it to come in the mail, and every day he would ask me if the mail lady brought it yet. It arrived this week when he was napping, so I just stashed it away. He found it the next day, so all of the hype of giving it to him was out the window. He IMMEDIATELY wanted to put it on and........ play HOCKEY with it. Seriously, I'm not sure if he wanted the helmet more for hockey or for football. Needless to say, in his football outfit and helmet, he grabbed the hockey stick and puck we bought him as a gift when we were in Mexico, and played hockey in the kitchen. This kid cracks me up. Oh, and did I also mention that since then he has to wear it!? He got playdoh and pee on it the other day (don't ask about that combo), and we had to wash it so thankfully it took a few days to dry (okay, so it may have been dry in a few hours, but I was kind of sick of him wearing it all of the time to be honest with you).

Sporting the full garb

Trying to figure out what the chin strap was all about. Let me also add that he calls the shoulder pads, knee pads.

Shooting the puck in his football gear. Crazy kid.

Cutest MI football hockey player I've ever seen.

I repeat my previous comment.

This whole craze of interests lately has inspired us to take him to his first Griffins game soon. We'll let you know how that goes. He may want to wear the football uniform to that, too.

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