Friday, February 4, 2011


This is the first year that Kaden has really enjoyed playing in the snow. His first winter he was only 6 months old, so I didn't think that plopping him on a snowbank for the sake of it would be very beneficial for him. Last year he could barely move with all of his snow stuff on and he kept falling over and getting frustrated. This year he runs and jumps in the snow, helps Daddy shovel, and likes to make snow angels. He doesn't beg to go out and play, but he loves it when he goes out there. This week we got a ton of snow (some may call it the Blizzard of 2011, some may call it the snowpocalypse.... but whatever you call it, it gave Andy and I a day off of work on Wednesday!!!) and it didn't really seem to phase Kaden. He didn't ask to play in it, didn't really say much about it, but instead wanted to see Daddy snowblowing and the snow plows drive by. For this boy, snow means trucks and helping Daddy. Not a bad association. I'd also like some others to take Kaden's take on the snow... not make such a huge deal about the actual snowfall, considering we do live in Michigan, and it is winter after all! :)

Daddy and Kaden in the snow. I love my boys.

Helping Daddy shovel (before the blizzard)

Making a mess in places that Daddy already shoveled

Jumping in the snow

Making snow angels with Daddy

Digging in the snow

More digging

Daddy snowblowing the driveway after the blizzard

Lots of snow out there!

I love the fresh white snow

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