Sunday, February 6, 2011

Frogger or the Wii?

Who needs a Wii when you can play old school Frogger? I think Kaden would prefer Frogger over the Wii actually. He impressed us by hooking it all up by himself (even managed to connect the white connector to the white cord and the yellow connector to the yellow cord... wow!) Kaden knows how to bring old school back.

Playing Frogger- very kid friendly! :)

Oh, the images of old school video games

He seriously loved playing it and laughed every time he lost all of his lives. The nice thing about a simple video game is that you push one button on the joystick and the game starts again. This might be our new rainy day activity!

Watching Daddy sport his Frogger skills

On the other hand, he did enjoy watching Daddy play Guitar Hero for a little while this afternoon while pretending to play his own guitar.... standing in just his training underwear no less (another blog about this new journey to come soon). The difference here is that he just watches Daddy... not quite as kid-friendly. Maybe we'll have to stick to Frogger for awhile.

Check out that cute bum

Just like Daddy

First exposure to Aerosmith

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