Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Go Calvin!

It seems so natural for Kaden to love going to Calvin College basketball games. I loved going to games when I attended Calvin, so did Andy, and both of us (although unknowingly at the time) followed the team to the national championship in VA in 2000. Plus, now that I work there, I have a season pass for each one of us. When I was pregnant with Kaden, Andy and I went to several of their games, Kaden went to a game when he was only 6 months old, he went to a few last year, but this year he's at the perfect age for going to basketball games. He sits so well on the bleachers and/or seat and loves to cheer for Calvin. Most importantly, he always looks for Joust, Calvin's mascot. He gets so excited when we tell him he gets to go to a Calvin basketball game, and I love the excitement he shows towards sports, and to Calvin. A few weeks ago we took him the Calvin/Hope game, and he loved the excitement of so many people, although our seats were way up in the bleachers. Our normal season tickets are 3 rows up on the court level, and he LOVES being so close to the players and the pep band, too. He also loves being able to see Uncle Brian when we go. Today he even had to bring his rally towel that he got a few weeks ago so he could wave it around and cheer for Calvin, who just so happened to win by 50 points- an added bonus. Today was probably the last game we'll go to since it was the last home game. But, we're already looking forward to taking him again next year (I think he's probably looking forward to it, too!) :)

Bad picture because it was so far away and I didn't have time to change my lens or the settings, but I had to capture Kaden talking to Joust. He always looks for Joust when we go to the games, and loves to give him a high-five.

Mommy and Kaden at the Calvin/Hope game a few weeks ago

Kaden's Calvin tattoo. He got one of these when our church sponsored a Calvin/Hope Alumni Basketball game, and wanted to wear one of the extras to the game. He really wants to wear it, and then when you put it on, he freaks out. You can't go near his face with it, and when Grandma was washing this tattoo off later that night in the bath, he freaked out at the little pieces floating in the tub. I think we'll take a break from the tattoos for awhile.

Showing me his tattoo

Not the best picture of either of them, but nonetheless.... hanging out with Uncle Brian at today's game...wearing Uncle Brian's sweatband no less.

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not the best picture?? i look fabulous!