Sunday, May 1, 2011

Capturing conversations

CWhen I taught 4th grade, one of the strategies I always taught my students was to capture conversations. I encouraged my students to listen in on conversations (NOT eavesdrop), as a way of recording and remembering conversations to possibly include in their writing someday. My students would record conversations they heard in their Writer's Notebooks and those memories were preserved forever.

This morning I started thinking about everything that Kaden says, and how many crazy things he says that make us laugh. I know that I won't remember these things later on, so I decided to capture some of his conversations and record them on here. Anytime I do, I'll call it capturing conversation so you know what the reference is to.

So, the first conversation goes something like this. We were walking out of church this morning.

Me: Kaden you need to hold my hand in the parking lot.
K: Why, Mommy?
Me: Because there are lots of cars and we have to be careful.
K: Then the cars would squish me and you'd have to throw me in the trash.

I cracked right up outloud. I told him that we'd never throw him in the trash and that we don't want cars to squish him which is why he always needs to hold my hand. Gotta' love the thinking of an almost 3 yr. old.

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