Friday, May 6, 2011

Home, home on the range

Well, Kaden finally got his long-awaited set of REAL golf clubs from Uncle Steve yesterday. He's been asking for real golf clubs for quite awhile now (the plastic snoopy set just wasn't cutting it anymore). Since Uncle Steve just so happens to work for The First Tee and has access to donated clubs, he was finally able to locate a set that was perfect for Kaden. Uncle Steve's busy season is starting up, but he was able to find some time yesterday to come into town to bring Kaden his first real set of clubs. Kaden was BEYOND excited. Words can't even begin to describe his excitement. He would cry and ask me to call Uncle Steve to bring his clubs, and it was a great bribe when he was being naughty! :) He loves that he has his very own case for his clubs and his own real golf clubs to use. So, of course, last night we had to go to the driving range to try them out. At first he wasn't quite liking the fact that you couldn't use your own balls, and that when your bucket was gone, you were done. But, he'll adjust to all of the rules of golf. We were glad that he was wrecking someone else's grass as he attempted to hit the ball and not ours! He actually did pretty well and now keeps asking for golf shoes, golf gloves and a golf towel. Andy is going to give him a golf towel tonight, but the others will have to wait. These clubs had to go in the car with us garage sale shopping this morning, and in his room for nap time. He even had to call Andy today at work to ask him if he could bring him to the range again tonight! Hopefully the excitement and newness will wear off soon. Let the golfing begin! :)

Giving Daddy a "High-Five" when he hit the ball

Both of my boys getting ready to hit the ball

Ready, set......


Golfer boy

Getting help from Daddy- that lasted about 10 seconds- Mr. Independent wanted to do it all himself!

Concentrating hard to get the ball on the tee

Cleaning his clubs when he was done

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