Sunday, August 14, 2011

30 weeks

Now that we're approaching the arrival of these girls at a much faster pace, I figured I should post more belly pictures than I did towards the beginning of my pregnancy. I'm 30 weeks pregnant and hoping for 6-7 more (for the sake of the girls, that is). I can do it!! Kaden of course had to join in the picture with me.

How I feel: I started getting puffy ankles and hands this past week. I can't wear my wedding ring any longer and some shoes don't fit. Thankfully it's flip-flop season and they tend to be forgiving. I also realized this week that I can't stand at the kitchen sink easily anymore. It's very awkward since my belly bumps into the counter, which makes it hard to rinse dishes. Besides the usual sleeping issues and discomfort that comes with such a large belly, I'm hanging in there.

We finished up a twin class through Spectrum, which was really helpful in getting us to think about bringing home 2 babies at once. The to-do list of baby things is getting pretty short. Their room is decorated and prepped, laundry is washed and folded, drawers are organized, stroller and car seats are ready, diapers are stocked beyond belief, cribs are ready, and 1 rag quilt is completed (pictures to come soon). Yet to do is finish (and start) the 2nd rag quilt, work on their baby books and pack my hospital bag. I like to be prepared, and as we get closer, the doctors warn that we should be ready at any time. Plus, I figured my energy and mobility is only going to get worse in the next few weeks, so I might as well do what I can now!

We have 1 doctor appointment this week, and then the following week starts the craziness of my high risk doctor, OB/GYN and 2 non-stress tests all in the same week. Hoping things continue to go well. We'll keep you posted! :)

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