Monday, August 1, 2011

Sew crazy

I've been tackling my sewing list like crazy over here. Of course it helped that I took a 3-week sewing class, which finished up last week Thursday. The sewing class definitely provided motivation for me to sew over the past few weeks and tackle some of those projects on my sewing to-do list. There are lots more projects on the list yet, but I'm tackling them one at a time. Here's what I've been working on..... (for all of my crafty friends who really care).....

Rag quilt for Baby Girl A (Baby B's to come in the near future)

Burp cloths for the girls

PJ pants for myself (this is what we worked on in our sewing class... learned how to use a real pattern versus things I read on the internet and I used a serger... woo whoo! :). Let me also add that these will fit better postpartum... haha! )

Zipper pouch (I finally learned how to put in a zipper!)
I love the details on the front of the zipper pouch!

The pouch will probably be put in the diaper bag for all of the essential random baby things

Next on the list for this week:
-Make a curtain for my mom's bathroom
-Make Baby Girl B's rag quilt

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