Thursday, August 4, 2011

Capturing conversations with a tech-savvy generation

Yesterday after Kaden woke up from his nap...

Kaden: I have to go downstairs for something, Mom.
Me: Okay.

(3 minutes later he came back upstairs...)

Me: What were you doing down there?
Kaden: Just checking my email.
Me(trying to hold in the laughter): Who were you emailing?
Kaden: My friend from school about my project. (Um, he doesn't go to school yet).



Kaden sits down at the kitchen table and opens the laptop.
K: Mom, I need to check my email.
Me: Who do you need to email?
K: My friend from school about the basketball team.

I guess he does notice that I'm on the laptop a lot! :) A much different generation than when I grew up! Thankfully, the only thing he actually does on the computer is turn up the volume and ask for YouTube videos of "Go, Cubs, Go" or the trash truck that "eats" a couch and basketball hoop.
Today I was able to quickly capture this one with my phone:

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