Friday, August 12, 2011

Family Reunion

Last weekend we headed up to Big Star Lake to spend time with Andy's side of the family for the annual Stuive Reunion at his aunt and uncle's cottage. As always, we had lots of fun spending time with family, relaxing, and enjoying the cottage life. I could definitely get used to it! :) Kaden kept asking when we were going to Auntie Cobie's cottage, and he loved it up there this year. Even though this was his 3rd summer there, he enjoyed it so much more than in the past. He's already asking when we can go again!

Fishing off the pontoon boat with Daddy

Enjoying the water

Jumping with Daddy and cousin Clara

Jumping off the floating dock to Daddy


Pushing Daddy off of the dock

Taking a very funny-looking paddle boat ride. I loved watching them. SO cute! :)

More fishing

Talking to the dog. It was so cute watching this, too. He went up to the dog and started talking to it... "Do you want to go outside doggie?"

Fighting over the swing with Clara

Mommy's turn for the swing!

Kaden decided he needed to help push me on the swing.

On the swing with Mommy. This was rather awkward.

Mommy and Kaden
Having fun with Daddy

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