Sunday, July 29, 2012

31 years of blessings

The day we packed up and left the cottage at Big Star Lake was my 31st birthday.  It was another ordinary day- cleaning the cottage, packing, unpacking, lots of rain, and just hanging out with my family.  I try not to have high expectations for my birthday anymore.  It's usually the ordinary activities that remind me of the blessings I have.  Not everyone is blessed with an "ordinary" day, spent with 3 little blessings from above.  Not everyone is blessed enough to spend an "ordinary" day cleaning (which means I was blessed enough to go on vacation for a week), and not everyone is blessed enough to get Troutarama shirts from Baldwin, MI for the whole family on their 31st birthday.  Aren't we a special looking group?

My family has this thing for crazy t-shirts.  Last year we all went crazy over the $4 t-shirts from the local hardware store in my parent's town in NJ.  This year, it was the troutarama shirts from Baldwin.  We almost went to the casino in these that night- good thing that didn't work out! :)

Group photo (minus Steve and Kelly who were at work and couldn't show off their awesome shirts.  Theirs were the same as Andy and I's)

Kaden and my parents

Andy and I.  Please don't look too closely.  I hadn't even had a chance to shower yet since we had just gotten back from the cottage.

So apparently you could customize your shirt how you wanted.  You could choose the design, color of ink, t-shirt color, etc.  My Dad and brother went to pick them out, which was probably the first mistake.  Somehow I ended up with this amazingly fabulous rainbow trout on the back.  I'm still wondering why my brother didn't choose to have this amazingly fabulous rainbow trout on the back of his shirt?!?!?

We ordered take-out from Buffalo Wild Wings, one of my favorite places.  My mom got me an ice cream cake, also another favorite.  It wasn't such a bad day after all!

The next day I got some Starbucks, did some shopping with my parents, and went out to lunch.  I decided I would just pretend that was my birthday instead- those are more typical things I like to do on my birthday! :)

Andy and I got to celebrate on Saturday by going out to breakfast and doing some shopping at a local vintage/antique store in town.  It was the perfect way to celebrate.  I guess not everyone can say that they were blessed enough to celebrate their birthday 3 days in a row- haha! :)

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