Friday, July 27, 2012

Kaden turns 4!

I can't even believe that our little man turned 4 this month.  Time really does fly.  While it makes my heart sad to think about him growing up so quickly, I'm also so excited for him as he gets older and looks forward to preschool this fall.  I love his curiosity, the crazy ideas he comes up with, his creativity, love for life, enthusiasm, and the ways he makes us laugh.  Kaden, you are SUCH a blessing to our family, and we love you SO MUCH!

Kaden was asking for a "Go Blue" birthday party, so we went with that theme.  It was a bit crazy getting everything ready since we were in the middle of trying to sell our house and leaving for vacation the next day.  However, not a detail was missed at the party.  Most of you know that when I do something, I go all out.  There's no in between for me.  Maybe it's a bad thing, maybe a good thing, but it is what it is.  We had a great time celebrating Kaden's special day and are thankful we could share it with family and friends.  He's asking for a "Go Cubs Go" party next year, so I've already started thinking of ideas- haha! :)

Kaden had his 4-year checkup on his birthday (thankfully no shots), and here are his official stats:  Height: 3' 9.25", Weight: 45 lbs

Family photo- the requirement was you had to dress in "Go Blue" attire.  MOST people listened.  I'll let you guess the reason for those who didn't dress appropriately.

Kaden was too busy playing with his friends to take another photo, so we snapped this one of us and the girls :)

Daddy and the birthday boy

Opening up his presents

Maya thought it was pretty cool to play with the paper from his gifts

"A new Nalgene water bottle!!!!  This is what I was asking for, Mom!!!"  (Thanks, Grandma! :)

Makenna enjoying the festivities

The girls with their grandma's

Trying out his new present from the grandparents- a powerwheels jeep!!

Pretty cool stuff!

Checking out the jeep.  At first he was a little bit apprehensive about it, but since then he's figured out how to go in reverse, and likes the highest speed the best.  He takes after his mom.

I really wanted to make a MI football cake for Kaden's birthday, but I knew with the crazy week it just wasn't a reality.  Instead, I ordered a football cake from Costco (crazy good deal!), and added our MI football guys to it.  Not bad! :)  Oh, and notice the chunk of icing missing in the bottom right-hand corner?  That would be Kaden's doing.

Party decorations!  Lots of Go Blue themed stuff! :) (Thanks to good deals after football season this year, second-hand finds, and some crafty projects! )

More decor :)

Go Blue!

Me and my girls!  We had to put one in each color since their MI outfits for the fall were still too big.

The girls hanging out in their outdoor play yard.  I love this thing!  We helped them feel included by putting the MI blanket out for them! :)

Makenna making a silly face- probably screaming a happy scream at that moment!

The Batts' boys being so good and eating their dinner so calmly :)

Part of the crowd in their MI gear

Go Blue cookies!

Singing to a sweaty birthday boy

Kaden and his best little buddy Benjamin

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jillsloothaak said...

SUPER cute, Jen! Kaden and Trey would get along perfectly!! :) How fun to get to celebrate your big guy in such a fun way!