Saturday, July 14, 2012

Trip to NJ June 2012

For the second year in a row, we made a road trip to NJ for Father's Day weekend.  Kaden always loves the opportunity to spend time at Grandpa and Grandma VDH's house, and especially loves going to Green Pond to fish and ride on the boat.  We had quite a few fun-filled days while we were there, so I've broken up our trip into a few blog posts :).  We drove through the night, and the kids did great.  We, of course, were tired, but as soon as we got to NJ, we handed off the kids and got a couple of hours of sleep.  We couldn't have asked for better travels- the kids slept, and we made it 11 hours.

We spent the first day at Green Pond fishing on my parent's boat and hanging out at my parents' friends house.  The girls did great on the beach and even grabbed a cat nap in the stroller. 

Hanging out with Uncle Brian on the hammock

Fighting over toys in the stroller

Grandpa gets Maya in the water

Beach Babe

Love this kid.

Feeling the water.  The water is SO nice- crystal clear and clean!

Catching a snooze

Crawling around at Grandpa & Grandma's house, getting into trouble

Hi, Mom!


One of the other reasons why we like to go to NJ is because my family so rarely gets a chance to see my kids.  My parents make it out to MI to visit quite a bit, but my Grandparents are getting  too old to travel that far.  I love seeing them interact with my kids, and feel very thankful that my kids have 3 great-grandparents to enjoy and spoil them! :)
My Grandma with Makenna

Maya saying hi to my Grandparents

Grandma Borduin and Maya

Both Great-Grandma's and the girls
My Grandpa and Maya

My parent's neighbors offered up their pool to us for the day on Father's Day.  Kaden had a blast practicing his swimming skills and jumping off the diving board.  I'm so pleased with how well he's doing in the water.  Thank you, Miss Gayle for great swimming lessons 2 years in a row! :)
Getting brave and jumping off the diving board by himself

In the pool with Uncle Brian

Notice Kaden's face- Andy was about to jump in the pool! :)

The girls hanging out outside in their baby fence.  Those travel play yards are the best.  The girls were happy because they got to play outside, and we were happy because we didn't have to chase them around! :)

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