Saturday, July 28, 2012

A week at Big Star Lake

I apologize in advance, because this post is loaded with pictures.  I just didn't have the motivation or time to separate it into a few posts.  So, picture overload in this one.  And to think that these are only a small sampling of the pictures from our week together!

We were blessed to have the opportunity to rent a cottage at Big Star Lake from Andy's aunt and uncle for a week.  My parents and brother drove out from NJ, and my brother Steve and his wife Kelly were able to join us for a few days, too!  When people asked me how my week was, my response has been, "well, we just moved the chaos from one location to another."  That's pretty true.  The girls are at a hard age- crawling and getting into everything, trying to pull themselves up, eating EVERYTHING they see, taking several naps a day, etc.  I spent most of my week inside the cottage with the girls.  It was nice seeing everyone else get a chance to relax a bit, and my most relaxing time was probably at night when I didn't have the duties of home calling my name.  We got out for a boat ride every afternoon for happy hour, which was probably a highlight as well.  Once we docked, we just let the girls crawl around on the boat, and everyone was happy.  We of course spent time playing games, hanging out around the campfire, walking to get ice cream, and just catching up with one another.  Kaden was in his glory- fishing, time outdoors all day, a ride in the rhino, and getting lots of attention from his uncles and grandma and grandpa!

Enjoy the pictures- no captions, I think you can figure it out for yourself! :)

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