Saturday, October 20, 2012

Art Prize 2012

There were so many great ArtPrize exhibits this year.  It seemed like the weather didn't cooperate whenever we thought about going downtown to check out the sites.  We managed to catch a glimpse when my parents were in town for the girls' birthday at the end of September.  It was a beautiful day, and we enjoyed a nice Sunday afternoon taking in the sites.  The kids were troopers and even survived an hour plus wait for our food at The BOB when they lost our order.  We didn't get to see a ton in only a few hours, so we decided that we would head back with just Kaden sometime.  The double stroller kind of limits where you can get around, and how quickly you can run in and out of places :)

Grand Rapids fishing lure

Penguins in the fountain!

(I'm pretty sure Kaden was more interested in the fisherman next to these than the actual exhibit)

Sand castle- this was amazing!

The fan blowing in our faces gave us the full effect :)

This is how Makenna felt after walking around and viewing the art for awhile.

For that reason alone, I thought it would be special for me to take Kaden downtown and meet up with Andy after work so Kaden could see more of the art.  The girls stayed home with Grandma and had a much better time :)

 I loved this exhibit- awesome colors and flowers!

 Kaden's rendition of "New York City"
Full version below...

 Pine-needle bear (um, no, that's not the official title.  I'm bad with that kind of stuff)

 Nemo.  Once again, I'm pretty sure that's not what the artist was going for.  This was made out of balloons- pretty cool!

Top 10 carved seal.  Amazing!

While we didn't get to see everything we had wanted to, we had a great time taking it all in. Maybe next year we'll get to see even more since the kids will be a year older :)

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