Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Class trip to Schwallier's Country Basket

Last week Kaden had his very first field trip to Schwallier's Country Basket.  The weather looked a little "iffy" but we managed to squeeze in the visit before the rain came.  He was a little bummed that he couldn't pick an apple, but there were none to be picked on the trees due to our crazy MI weather this year!  He had such a blast picking out pumpkins for us, playing with his friends, petting the animals, and jumping in the hay.  It was pretty cute watching him interact with all of his friends from school- I love it!  I was glad I could enjoy this moment with just him, too.  I know the girls take up a lot of time, so I treasure these moments I get to spend with just my little buddy.

Picking out pumpkins

Are these good, Mom?!?

Feeding the goats.

Petting the goat.  Who is this kid?!?!?  :)

The popular slide.  Notice the goat poop on his shoes.  Well... all of the kids had it on their shoes.  You can imagine what their butts looked like after that.  I almost had to strip him down to his undies when he got to the car!!! :)

Jumping in the hay

Full of hay

Holding a bunny

He loved holding the bunnies.  Seriously, he NEVER would have done that last year.

Trying to milk the cow with no success.  He told me the gutters were clogged :)

"Mom, am I in the boy or the girl?!?"

He loved riding this large tricycle around.  He was a crazy man on it.  Crashing and flipping over on it didn't even phase him- haha!! :)

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