Thursday, October 25, 2012


We've been wanting to get to Robinette's for a few weeks now, but it seems like the weather has never cooperated.  Last week we managed to squeeze in a trip one afternoon after I was done working and Andy was home with the kids.  Little did we know it was "meet Justin Amash" day at Robinettes, so there were quite a few people there, but it wasn't nearly as busy as it would have been on a weekend, thankfully.  Kaden enjoyed playing outside, his donut, and jumping on the large trampoline.  It was great for him to get outside and burn off some of that energy.

The girls of course were adorable in their pumpkin outfits trying to walk around in the leaves :)

And we all enjoyed pumpkin donuts.  Delish.

The girls even enjoyed a donut :)
Maya loved running around in the leaves :)

Makenna playing with the leaves

Oh, I can't eat these, Mom?!?

Love it.

My kiddos.  I {heart} them.

More fun with leaves


Daddy and his girls by the infamous Robinette's apple

Attempt at a family shot.  Terrible shot, but had to prove we were all there.  I don't think any of us are even looking- haha!!

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Ernie Krauth said...

WHEN DID YOU GO!? We were totally there on Sunday probably the same day. HA HA Hilarious. Hey it was good seeing you at the reunion. Let me know when you are coming to Colorado. You always have a place to stay.