Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Not so smelly trash man

For the past couple of years, every Thursday morning, Kaden would wait patiently to say hi to his buddy, the trash man.  He would watch by the window as the trash man made his way through the cul-de-sac down the street, and then head outside to wave.  No matter what the weather was, Kaden was out there.  Sometimes in just his PJ's, and even occasionally in just his underwear, I think :)  Kaden would stand in the driveway if the weather was nice, or just on the porch if it was cold out.  No matter what, the trash man would look for Kaden, and would wave and beep at him.  They became buds.  

Well, as we prepared to move, we knew it would be our last day seeing our trash man.  Kaden and I waited outside on the final Thursday we were there, and the trash man stopped to say hello.  We snapped a picture of them, and he even let Kaden sit in the truck.  He mentioned that he would stop by later and give something to Kaden.

Of course, that's all Kaden could talk about for the rest of the day.  "Mom, do you think the trash man will come here again?" "When is the trash man coming, Mom?"  My mom heart hoped that he would come and not break my little boy's heart.

Sure enough, at about 3pm that afternoon, our trash man drove up in his car, all cleaned up from finishing his route, and knocked on the door.  He handed Kaden a mini trash can.  You should have seen Kaden's face light up.  It was such a special moment, and gave me the warm fuzzies :)

It was pretty clear that our trash man looked forward to stopping at our house and picking up our trash.  He had a little friend who greeted him every Thursday morning, and they became buds.  We called EverKept after that to thank them for our great trash man.  I think they were pretty surprised that we were calling with a compliment, since they are used to people calling to complain.  We even managed to give our trash man a little monetary gift as a way to thank him for taking the time to wave to our little man every single Thursday morning.

While I regret not ever asking his name, I'd like to thank Mr. Trash Man for making my little boy smile.

Ironically, today Kaden is bringing in his trash can for show and tell at school :)

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