Sunday, October 17, 2010


Last week Friday I had an applesauce-making fest with my friend Melanie. She brought her son Jack over to entertain Kaden, and we went to town ALL DAY LONG. One may question if the craziness is worth it. Undoubtedly, yes. Yes, it took some time to prepare all of the materials, pick up the apples from the orchard, wash all of the jars for canning, etc. Yes, it was a jam-packed day of cutting, boiling, and processing 4 bushels of apples. Yes, I finally figured out my canner so the process went much faster. Yes, it took me another day to fully clean my kitchen, toys, and supplies after the applesauce was made. Yes, I was beyond exhausted for our much-needed date night that night. Yes, staring at almost 90 containers of applesauce between the two of us, ah, priceless. One day (give or take) of craziness, and a year's worth of enjoyment. I love the satisfaction of making something and savoring it all year long. Each time I open up my pantry and grab a jar of applesauce, I can enjoy the delicious flavor. Plus, it's even cheaper to make it myself. And, really... what else would I have done all day long? Nothing that would top a year's worth of delicious enjoyment.

Oh, a delightful sight.


Check out my applesauce helper. Such a boy! :) (Sorry for the poor quality, I took it on my phone so I could capture the moment.)

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