Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Kaden was very excited to wear his cow costume again yesterday. After his afternoon nap, we made the rounds and visited Grandma Rysdam, Uncle Steve and Kelly, his buddies Austin and Drew, and we tried to visit his girlfriend Emersyn but she wasn't home. As is customary for Halloween, we picked up a pizza after the rounds and prepared to trick-or-treat. The tricky part of Halloween being on a Sunday is that different towns decided to celebrate it on different days. Wyoming left it up to the individual. Andy did a quick loop around our neighborhood and didn't seen ONE SINGLE CHILD, and only a few homes had their front lights on, which may have been coincidental. So, plan B went into gear and we drove to Grandma's house in Grandville to trick-or-treat in her neighborhood. Kaden did so great. He walked up to each house and said "Trick-or-Treat" and "Thank-You," like a true gentleman. He even thought it was fun to run down the sidewalk, pretending to make a touchdown. True cow style, I'm sure. Oh, and we can't forget about asking Grandma to hold his candy bucket. Every time he got candy, he called for Grandma, and she had to hold his candy bucket until the next house. Crazy kid. Despite the runny nose and cough (of course these don't stop trick-or-treating), we had a great early Halloween. I wonder what he'll be next year?!?
Our cow

Opening his Halloween basket from Grandma

Trying to take his hat off. He kept saying "not cold." I don't think he quite understood the point of the hood.


Listening to Daddy's heartbeat with Grandma's stethoscope

Kaden and Grandma Rysdam

Kaden and Uncle Steve

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