Sunday, October 3, 2010


We took Kaden to the GR Children's Museum on Thursday night for family night. I consider this place to be a mini-Disney for 2 yr. old's. Kaden absolutely LOVED his first visit there. We loved it so much we decided to ask for a year membership for our family for Christmas. It was pretty busy downtown due to ArtPrize, which allowed us to also see the amazing Elephant Walk exhibit right outside the museum. Kaden was curious about everything there- blowing bubbles, playing fireman, making dinner, playing golf, shopping for food, mailing packages, going through the bank drive-thru, stacking balls, playing drums, seeing the Curious George displays- you name it, he loved it. Another fun time together as a family! Oh, and for all of those people who know me well and realize my fear of germ-infested places such as this one, Kaden got a nice, warm bath to clean himself off as soon as we got home and we used lots of hand sanitizer there! :)

If only we looked this skinny in real life...

Kaden and his friend, George. He's recently been into reading the Curious George books, so he loved seeing Curious George stuff everywhere!

Making bubbles with Daddy

Making dinner for Daddy

Kaden driving the firetruck with Daddy as a passenger

Cute fireman

Climbing through the 3-D mirror

A circle of Kaden and Daddy

He was a bit confused as to why this horse didn't move like the one at Meijer. Hmm... if only it took pennies! :)

Driving the car to "the store"

Learning how to use the drive-up at the bank (which isn't necessary since Daddy is our personal banker)

Daddy teaches Kaden everything there is to know about banking

Mailing packages with Mommy (evidence that I was actually there. Usually I'm the photographer and don't make the pics)

Shopping for food- in his glory!

Sending mail to Grandpa and Grandma in NJ

"Hi, Grandpa." I love his phone-holding technique.

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