Thursday, October 28, 2010

Being silly

It seems like whenever Kaden pulls out all of the silliness in him, I never have my camera nearby. So, I quickly capture these moments on my phone. Not the best quality pictures, but they still capture the moments. I've put a few below for your enjoyment.

Kaden wearing my shoes, a hat, and his cool sunglasses. He did that all by himself.

It's cool to ride my matchbox truck holder wearing mom's shoes.

"Bye Bye Mom, store." That's literally what he said. And, he's wearing my shoes again. What's with kids and their parent's shoes?

Kaden came out of his bedroom the other day looking like this- wearing his rain boots with his cool PJ's on. Stud. I especially like that the boots are on the wrong feet.

Fishing man. I believe my Dad took this picture, which explains the better quality.

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