Sunday, October 17, 2010

Klackle Orchard

I love fall. The colors, the brisk temperatures, being outdoors, and celebrating the little things in life that give a 2 yr. old joy. Not to mention the fabulous photo ops that happen when you're outdoors on a sunny, colorful day. Last week Saturday it was about 70 degrees. Much warmer than our other trips to Klackle (I did enjoy not having to be all bundled up!!). We met Kristen and Will (his poor daddy had to study for the CPA exam... yuck!) at Klackle Orchard. The boys had SO much fun together. Kaden loved seeing the animals, riding the barrel train ride, the hayride out to pick apples, and the pumpkin carriage out to the pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin. Of course he loved the donut afterwards, too! :) I love how the pictures capture him at this stage. So curious, silly, serious, playful, and loving. Sorry there are so many pics- I just couldn't decide which ones to highlight. Check out my FB photo album for all of the pictures if you'd like! :)
Kaden participating in a staring contest with the calf.

Driving on the barrel train

He LOVES this ride!

Daddy and Kaden on the wagon ride out to pick apples

Kristen and Will

Mmm... a juicy apple

Another juicy bite

Trying to reach the apples on Daddy's shoulders- the crop was pretty slim this year, so all of the apples were up high. Good thing Daddy is so tall!

Taking a break from picking apples

Kaden and his buddy Will. I wonder what's going through their heads?

Good ol' family shot

Sportin' the shades

Trying to find the perfect pumpkin with Daddy

I found my pumpkin, Mommy!!

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