Friday, October 29, 2010


Kaden loves crafts. I wonder where he gets this from?!? The other day I needed a project to entertain Kaden for awhile. We needed to get outside, get some fresh air, and needed a change in routine. So, I hauled out the paint and brought Kaden outside to paint his pumpkin. He LOVED it. We attempted to make a Michigan "M" on the pumpkin, but as Kaden tried to help me paint it, it slowly disappeared. Kaden loves showing everyone who comes over his painted pumpkin on the porch. I decided we'd just go with the painted pumpkin this year instead of carving it. Call me a bad mom, but I didn't really feel like having a huge mess for him to want to be done after 5 minutes. So, we painted the pumpkin instead, and everyone is happy! :)

So focused on painting

Go Blue!

Making it colorful!

I love how he looks when he concentrates so hard.

A thing of beauty. Look at the gobs of paint on there. Oh, and the stick person- that's his girlfriend Emersyn, drawn by mommy at Kaden's request.

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