Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Celebrations Part 2

We made the trip out to NJ during the night on Wednesday, Dec. 22. Kaden did pretty well driving through the night. During the first hour he kept asking for Papa's house and I thought it would be the longest night of my life. Finally he fell asleep and woke up crying at 2am, saying, "Papa's house too far away!!!" Of course he wanted me to hold him and cried himself back to sleep. Poor kid. One more episode like that around 4 am, but not too bad overall. We arrived at my parent's house at 6:15am where we were greeted and then ALL went back to bed until 9am. We were exhausted on Thursday, but it was worth it. We did so many things while we were in NJ, I'll have to separate the posts to spread it out a bit. Here's a brief look at our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day celebrations:
We spent the morning on Christmas Eve making rice krispie trains together. Of course, I'm not sure who enjoyed the project more- me or Kaden! :) Kaden loves doing projects, and it was nice to see him concentrate so hard on making his train so nice. I'll let you guess from the pictures above which train was mine and which one was Kaden's! :)

Grandma VanDerHeide and Kaden on Christmas Eve

Kaden playing with my cousin Kenny's new Hess truck. We're thinking it might be time to start giving Kaden a Hess truck for Christmas every year- continuing the tradition with the Borduin family in NJ.

Christmas jammies and new football slippers. What a handsome little guy.

That smile lights up a room.

Family and opening presents

The traditional Coach purse for Christmas.

Kaden and his new remote control car from Uncle Steve and Kelly

New sweatpants

So excited about his new instruments. He's a boy after his mother's heart- definitely into music!

Showing Daddy his instruments
Kaden's new fishing game was definitely a hit with everyone this Christmas. Kaden LOVES fishing and anything fish related and he was obsessed with playing this game! He concentrated so hard on catching fish and got anyone he could to play along with him. As you can tell from the pictures, everyone else liked it too! :)

New umbrella!

Clearly Daddy is very excited about the noise the instruments make

Daddy's new Blu-Ray player to go with the new flat screen TV in our family room!

Our big gift this year from our parents. Crinkled money in a box. This drove me absolutely CRAZY. Love the idea and the thought, but could have done without a ton of crinkled 1 dollar bills. Not cool.

Reading about the special donations my parents made in our names this Christmas. Toys and dolls for children in need were given in Kaden's honor, a deep well was given in Andy's honor, and educational support for girls was given in my honor. I love that my parents give to these causes for World Vision around this time of the year. We are SO incredibly blessed, we need nothing, and yet others have so little. It's humbling.

Kaden and I in our matching PJ's- we decided to go with the Paul Frank theme this year- a bit more versatile than Christmas PJ's. Oh, and of course Andy refused to participate.

Sorry for so many pictures, but I just couldn't choose between all of the good ones (a few of these good ones were stolen from my brother. Thanks, Brian.). Stay tuned for Christmas Celebrations Part 3.

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