Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mommy's helper

Kaden thought he would help me in the kitchen today while I was making my meal swap meals. He got himself all set up on the kitchen floor with my mixer while I cooked away. I am amazed more and more by his imagination. He was making all sorts of things down there- cookies, cookie soup, pizza, you name it, he probably made it. It also seems as though we have a parrot living in our home lately. Anything we say, he says. He doesn't just repeat it after we say it, he remembers it and then says it later on in the appropriate context. I'm amazed at the language development of children. Not only does he say what we say, he loves to DO what we do. Hence, cooking in the kitchen with mommy. I wouldn't trade it for anything, because I know one day he'll have better things to do than cook with mommy in the kitchen.

Disclaimer: Meal swap gals- don't worry, Kaden didn't have anything to do with the actual production of 6 batches of Peanut Chicken Stir Fry, so your lives are not in danger! :)

Getting the mixer all ready

Figuring out the attachments

Looks delicious! I believe this was cookie soup. I'm not sure I'd like to try it.

Concentrating so hard on putting on the different attachments

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