Friday, March 2, 2012

Notes from the crib- 5 months

5 months already?!?

Just look at those rolls we're starting to get on our legs. Ah, we're adorable!!

From the mouth of Maya.....

I'm a pretty happy camper lately. I love to laugh and play with my toys, and love it when people sing and talk to me. I love to grab toys and put everything in my mouth!! I rolled over once, but no one saw me. Mom glanced at me and suddenly I was on my tummy. I haven't done it since. That was kind of a funny feeling! I'm mostly in 3-6 month clothes, but I wear some Carter's 6 month clothes now, too. Mom doesn't have an updated weight for me this month since we didn't go to the doctor, but I'm sure I've gained weight. Even though I've gained weight, I'm still not as heavy as my sister, and it's pretty obvious to most people when they hold me either right before or after my sister. I still have that sparkle in my eye, and my hair is starting to grow. It's still pretty much fuzz, but Mom and Dad can definitely tell that it's growing more. It looks especially cute when it sticks straight up right after I take a bath. We've officially graduated out of size 1 diapers, and are now working through a box of 1-2's from Costco, although Mom knows we're really ready for size 2 diapers. I'm doing pretty well with sleeping, too. I usually go to bed for the night by 7:30pm, wake up once before Mom goes to bed (btw 11-12pm), and then one more time during the "night." When I wake up during the night, I eat and go right back to sleep, which Mom is thankful for. I take 2-3 naps a day, lasting anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours. During the day I eat every 3-4 hours. Mom stopped trying bottles a month ago, and has accepted the fact that we won't take them. We've done cereal a few times, but aren't really into it. Mom isn't really pushing much food, and I'm fine with just her as my food source. I like to sit in my bumbo, and Mom says I'm growing up too quickly!!

Hey friends! Makenna here. My sister pretty much spilled the beans on our updates. I'm in all 6 month clothes right now, and can still squeeze into a few 3-6 month things. I'm definitely a size 2 in diapers since I'm chubbier than my sister. I'm a pretty happy girl, too. I'm still the talker. I love to talk to myself in my crib. It even helps put me to sleep sometimes. I'm content laying on a blanket on the floor with my toys, and will even lay on my tummy for awhile too. I'm SO close to rolling over, and so is my sister (well, she did it once but hasn't done it again). Our brother, Kaden, rolled over at 3 months, so he beat us a long time ago. Mom knows we're going to be different because we're twins, and that's just fine. I eat the same as Maya- every 3/4 hours, and not too fond of rice cereal. We've developed our own assigned "sides" when we eat- I'm on the R and Maya is on the L. It just kind of happened that way, and for Mom's sanity, she usually tries to keep it that way. Most of the time we eat one right after the other, but sometimes if Mom is in a time crunch or if we're both screaming during the night, we eat at the same time. We don't do as well when we eat together- we've started to distract each other! :) Mom has really started trying to pay attention to our schedules and has to strategically plan when she takes us anywhere in the car now. We don't go anywhere in the car at night because we'll fall asleep and that will mess up our sleep training schedule! :) I'm doing pretty well at night, too. I go to bed at the same time as my sister, around 7:30pm. Sometimes I'll wake up an hour or two later and will fall back asleep pretty quickly if someone holds me and sways with me in a quiet, dark room. I usually wake up 1-2 times during the night to eat as well, and then go right back to sleep. I also like to sit in my bumbo, and really like it when mom puts me in there by my toys. My favorite thing to do right now is lay on a cozy blanket to play, put my legs up in the air and pull my socks off and play with my piggies. I'm trying to figure out how to get my feet in my mouth. I'm thinking my chubby thighs may be preventing that. I'm excited to roll over soon and become more mobile. We'll keep you posted on our progress with that next month! :)

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