Wednesday, March 7, 2012

First, but not the last

Well, the girls have their first official sickness. We know it won't be the last, and that it's inevitable- they're going to get sick every once in awhile. We can blame this little bug on their older brother. Even though we constantly reminded him to wash his hands and turn away when he was coughing and sneezing from his cold a couple of weeks ago, we know he didn't always listen. So.... a few days after he got over his cold, the girls started coughing.... surprise, surprise. Mother's instinct had me make a dr's appt to get them checked out, and it turns out that they both had an ear infection in their right ear. The doctor just laughed and said, "I know that ear infections aren't contagious, but they both have one in the same ear." My response? "Crazy twin thing." I'm sure we'll have many of those crazy twin moments. Honestly, it makes my life easier that they're both sick at the same time. I'd rather have a week of crabby kids than have weeks of prolonged coughing. The bad news is that their bronchiolitis can last anywhere from 2-3 weeks, so my poor babes have to struggle with their wheezing cough and stuffiness for awhile. We did a nebulizer treatment at the dr's office, and will probably do a few more at home to help clear their lungs a bit. We have a humidifier on in their room, lots of burp cloths around for coughing fits that lead to vomiting, tissues for wiping runny noses, and lots of arms for cuddling. Surprisingly, they're doing great. Their mood is better, they're starting to eat better, and we're thankful for medicine that is helping them turn around quickly. Moments like this make me even more thankful that I'm able to be home with my babes when they don't feel 100%.

Makenna gets a nebulizer treatment. She laughed and smiled the whole time. Go figure.

Big brother tries to help

I didn't get a picture of Maya getting her treatment. The nurse was doing her treatment at the time, so I wasn't able to get hers on camera. Let's just say she wasn't as content with the treatment. Our feisty girl stayed in true character and fought it until she fell asleep 3/4 of the way through. Oh, Maya.... how we love you!

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