Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting creative

Andy was gone at a conference in Washington, DC this weekend. This meant that I was a single mom for the weekend. I quickly learned that things go much smoother when you can put aside your own agenda and help a kid be a kid. I already knew this, and single parent or not, it doesn't matter. I chose to get creative with my buddy, and I loved it. Honestly, I think that's just part of being a good parent, and I'm sad that more parents don't find time to play with their kids and foster their imaginations. Don't get me wrong- we all have days when our kids get a little too much tv or iphone time. Sometimes Kaden's sisters or the "to-do" list get more attention than he does. Thankfully, he plays SO well on his own. But, I try my best as a mom to balance independent and guided play. If I could, I'd bottle his imagination so we could savor it forever.

Kaden was having a meltdown before his nap on Saturday because he missed his daddy. So, we made a "tent" for him to sleep in.

As a result of the tent, he woke up a sweaty mess. This kid sweats SO much and only wants to wear shorts and t-shirts in the house and t-shirts to bed because he gets too hot. I guess the tent was a little warm at naptime. We took it down before bed last night :)

And, typical Kaden style, we had to do a "project" with my box from an Amazon order. So we made a helicopter house. I think it's pretty cool.

Quite the decorations on top. Drawings of people, an ambulance, glitter glue.

Landing pad. Notice his bed inside of the box. His bed is a cozy rubbermaid container with a dust rag for his covers.

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