Friday, March 30, 2012

Notes from the crib- 6 months!

Maya (L) and Makenna (R)
We're half a year old!! Mom says that's quite a milestone. 6 months on this earth, and we're all still alive and enjoying every moment! :)

Mom also says she can tell that we are getting more and more active, which makes taking these pictures quite a task. Here's a small taste of what Mom had to go through in order to get these pictures of us this month...

We LOVE our feet. We're always trying to eat them.

We'd rather just play with our dolls than look at Mom and smile for a picture.

Maybe we can roll over each other. I think Makenna might hurt Maya if she did that. Mom stopped that right away.

Maya retaliates. She steals Makenna's doll, puts it in her mouth, and begins kicking Makenna. Can you feel the love?!?

We can do a lot in just a few minutes, can't you tell? :)

So, here I am.... Maya Grace
Just look at that smile. I'm still the smiley girl that I've been. I love to laugh and giggle, especially at people I know. At 6 months I'm 24.75 inches tall (18%), I weigh 13 lb 13 oz (12%), and my head circumference is 42cm (38%). I'm just a little peanut! I'm wearing 6-month sized clothing and size 2 diapers (although size 1 still fit me). I love to grab toys and put them in my mouth. Sometimes my feet come in handy as toys if I don't have any toys around. When I'm on my tummy I like to roll right over to my back again. I prefer baby food as it is and not mixed with rice cereal like my mom tries to do. Right now I eat baby food at dinnertime with the rest of the family. In the next couple of weeks I'll eat twice a day and try a sippy cup with water in it. Mom says that would be great because then she might be able to sneak some breast milk in there for me! :) Tricky, tricky. I'm still not super excited about eating and I don't eat much, but I'm getting there. I eat from Mom every 3-4 hours during the day. I'm doing pretty well sleeping at night. I go to bed at 7:30pm, and usually wake up one time to eat before I'm up for good around 7-8am.

And... Makenna Anne
Here I am, with my tongue out again. My sister and I love to stick out our tongues. Actually, most of the time one of us always has our tongue sticking out of our mouths. At 6 months I'm 26 inches tall (62%), I weigh 15 lb 15 oz (51%), and my head circumference is 42.5cm (53%). I still fit in a few 6 month outfits, but I'm mostly in 6-9 month clothes and 9 month clothes. Size 2 diapers are perfect for me, too! My thighs have lots of rolls on them, and Mom says she could kiss my chubby cheeks all day long! I, too, love to play with my feet, pull my socks off, and chew on my toes. I like to play on my tummy and have started reaching for toys to play with. Oftentimes when I'm in my crib I roll over to my tummy and fall asleep like that. When Mom finds me like that, she rolls me back over, and I don't like that! I'm doing pretty well sleeping. I go to bed by 7:30pm, but then usually like to wake up once before Mom and Dad go to bed. Mom and Dad have just started letting me fuss and cry a bit instead of getting me out of bed. So far, I've cooperated. I'll also wake up 1-2 more times during the night, but will only get fed one time. I tend to be a bit more of a stinker when it comes to sleeping. Even when my sister and I take naps, I usually sleep for 45 minutes at a time, and my sister will often sleep for 1-2 hours at a time. This makes my Mom a bit crazy, because she either has crabby babies or babies on different schedules. I'm doing okay with foods. I'm not the biggest fan of rice cereal, and often gag when I'm eating, but Mom isn't giving up on me yet. In fact, tonight I gobbled down half a jar of green beans. They were awesome! :) I also eat every 3-4 hours from mom, just like my sister.

Hey- it's Maya and Makenna's mom here. I just wanted to add my two cents here :). It's hard to believe our baby girls are already 6 months old. I barely remember what our lives were like before they were here! When the twins were born and we had long days and long nights, I remember asking several moms with twins this question: When will things get better?!? Almost all of them replied: 6 months. Now that we're at that point, I'll admit that they were right. Things are getting {a little} easier. Don't get the wrong impression- my life is still pretty crazy and I rarely get a moment of peace. I feel like I'm still just as busy as when the girls were newborns, it's just a different kind of busy. Most days it seems like the girls are on different schedules more than than they are on the same schedule. But, they're getting to sleep at a normal bedtime- FINALLY. I feel like life is getting a little more back to normal with time for myself and time to just relax with my hubby. We're starting to get on a schedule with nap times and things are more routine around here. I know that tomorrow things could change again, so I try not to sit back and think I have it all together. I know I don't always have it all together. However, I know that I love these little babes with all my heart, and am thankful I get to spend every day at home hugging and squeezing them.

I think one of the biggest things that has helped us over the past 6 months is the realization that our life would be full of lots of sacrifices- especially in the first year of their lives. We can't go out as long as we want to because the girls will not take bottles, we can't just go anywhere whenever we want to, I can't do as many things as I'd like to do during the day, playdates have to happen at our house so our girls can get good naps, we don't go anywhere as a family after dinner so we can keep the girls on a schedule, I don't make any commitments to be anywhere at night until after 7:30pm so that I can get the girls in bed first, etc. We've sacrificed some once-close friendships because some people just don't understand or seem to care. We've gained new friendships and support from amazing people. I could go on and on listing sacrifices AND blessings that have come from these girls... However, those sacrifices we've made don't even bother me. In the scheme of things, they're petty. In fact, I know that part of being a parent is sacrificing a lot of those same things for the rest of your life. Hands down, raising my 3 kiddos to know and love Christ makes it worth every.single.sacrifice.

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