Sunday, March 18, 2012

Summer in March

The weather this past week has been a huge treat! We've been able to get outside almost every single day and soak up some sun! Every day the sun shines in through the blinds, the windows let in beautiful spring breezes, we've grilled hot dogs, and everyone has been in a good mood around here. The girls have enjoyed being outside, and of course Kaden is in heaven. It takes a little creativity to try and get everyone outside at the same time, but so far we've managed. We've enjoyed walks while Kaden rides his bike, time playing in the backyard, sidewalk chalk, and of course playing sports outside. It looks like we'll have a few more warm days this week, and then the weather will get back to the 40's, which is a bit more normal for this time of year. I can hardly believe we've seen 70-80 degrees for about 5 days now. I'm really glad we decided not to go to Florida this year for spring break- we would have missed all of this great weather. Who needs FL when you have summer in March in Michigan for free?!?!?

The girls ready to take their first walk outside. The weather got cold once they were born, and it was finally warm enough this week to get them outside for a walk! We even had to take their fleece carseat covers off this week because it was so hot! This is the girls happy before their walk.

And this is after...... sound asleep! :)

Makenna happy to be outside in her seat

Maya happy hanging out by Daddy

Makenna again- kicking her feet and squealing with delight! :)

Hi, Mom! Do you want some food from my rester-not? (Yes, that's how he says it)

Playing in his playhouse

Mommy and Maya

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