Monday, May 7, 2012

Celebrating 35 years at Great Wolf Lodge

Last weekend my parents came out for a visit.  It was their 35th Wedding Anniversary in April, and they were taking our whole family to Great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City to celebrate!  We headed up there on Friday morning and stayed until Sunday.  Kaden had a great time- he was in his glory in the waterpark and went from one thing to the next.  He was especially excited because he was tall enough to do ALL of the waterslides!  I'll be honest... it was a little scary seeing my little boy fly down that waterslide all by himself.  I think I was more worried about it than he was because after he got to the bottom he said, "Mom, that was AWESOME!  I want to do it again!!"  :)

Traveling with 3 kids, 2 of which are babies of the same age, always makes things a bit chaotic.  We tried to keep a schedule for the girls as best as we could, but they still had to take some naps in their carseats by the pool or in the car, and didn't sleep well in their pack-n-plays at night.  We couldn't go out at night or spend time at wineries all day, and that's just the way it is.  As I've blogged about before, we've accepted our new normal a long time ago, and we embrace it daily! :)  It wasn't a relaxing vacation for me at all, and I think my family got a small glimpse of how crazy our lives really are.  But, we were all together celebrating the blessing of 35 years of marriage for my parents, and that's what was most important.

Daddy and Kaden swimming in the pool

Makenna hanging out in her bathing suit

Daddy and Maya

Kaden playing in the pool

My parents with the girls!

Me and Kaden before he went to storytime with his wolf ears on

Kaden doing the GWL dance- "Stomp, stomp, clap, clap..... awoo!!!!"

My cute little wolf in his jammies

Proof that Kaden is coming out of his shell a bit.  He willingly took pictures with the GWL friends.  Normally he'd never do this!

The girls hanging out on the floor.  I'm pretty sure they didn't know the difference between rolling around on the floor in a hotel room vs. rolling around on the floor at home! :)

Kaden being his normal silly self hanging out in the room.  Don't you just love the couch?  My mom said she felt like she was staying in a Cabellas! :)

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