Monday, May 21, 2012

Fireman Kaden

A couple of weekends ago, Andy took Kaden downtown to the fire rescue expo.  Kaden had an awesome time spraying the fire hose, watching the "controlled" fire, folding up the American flag, and went through a demonstration on how to prevent house fires.  I also think that Kaden liked having a special date with just Daddy for a few hours on a Saturday morning.

He was pretty much in his glory.

Spraying the fire hose

Spraying the "pretend" flame

Kaden and his buddy Sparky

And of course, a trip to the fire rescue expo would inspire this when he got home...

Now he keeps bugging me to go to the Children's Museum so he can play with the fire gear there.  This kid loves rescue vehicles.  In fact, the other night Kaden and Andy had to take a walk down the street to check out a bad accident.  Really, Kaden just wanted to watch the policeman.  The policeman gave him a police sticker and even offered to let him sit in the police car, which Kaden turned down.  I was relieved to hear that he didn't want to sit in the police car.  Remember that later on, kiddo :)

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