Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dutch kids

Early last week, while my mom was still in town, we got the kids all dressed up in their Dutch costumes and headed to Holland for the afternoon.  We decided to go while I had some extra hands to help me and before the chaos of tulip time officially started.  We were able to find some tulips that were still blooming in the park in the center of downtown.  We had the whole park to ourselves, and set up a little photo shoot.  I have to say, these kids are absolutely adorable.  Wow.  Could you have 3 kids look any more Dutch with their fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes?  

The girls didn't mind being dressed up in their costumes, and of course to Kaden it was just another thing to dress up as.  We all know that Kaden dresses up as multiple identities during the day, so on that day he was a Dutch boy. 

I love these kiddos!

Makenna checking out her Klompen

Maya- happy little girl!

My mom with the kids

The girls hanging out





Me and the kiddos

My mom with the girls

Our little Dutch boy

Silly little Dutch boy

Grandma and Kaden

Mommy and Kaden

Smelling the tulips.  Love it.


Sweet Home Colorado said...

They all look so cute!!! We'll be in Michigan next weekend, too bad we will miss Tulip Time!

Toby and Laura said...

Great pictures and adorable kids! Smart thinking to go with your mom to have some extra hands :)