Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Notes from the crib: 8 months!

Seriously.  How have 8 months gone by already?!?!?  Wow.  I can't believe my little babies are already 8 months old.  I was thinking back to what it was like when they were so little in the beginning and can't believe how much bigger they are now.  While I do miss some things about that stage (like staying in the same place where I left them and sleeping wherever/whenever, snuggling, etc), I'm liking these new stages, too.  They keep getting more and more fun, and every day is an adventure for sure! :)  Speaking of adventures, wow, is it getting harder to get them to lay still to take a picture.  This is the first one I snapped right before the rolling/crawling in the crib started.  Not too bad, huh?

{Maya left, Makenna right}

Yup, Maya felt the need to start laying on her sister.

Hey there!  It's me, Maya.  I'm going to hog this month's posts.  I was more photogenic this morning than my sister.  Probably because she was recovering from a little mishap in her crib.  I'll let her tell you more about that, but all I can say is, I've told her not to bump her head on her crib, but she just doesn't listen to me- her older sister no less!

So... here we are- 8 months old!  Look how cute I am.  I'm getting so much bigger and probably won't fit in the crib from front to back much longer.  Mom will have to get more creative in her monthly photos.  I think Mom showed you a video of my progress in crawling on here the other day.  I'm quite the mover.  I can get wherever I want very quickly.  I've begun to crawl for a few steps and then I fall over.  I roll and pull myself and try to reach for anything that looks interesting, but mostly my brother's toys.  Those look so much more exciting than my toys.  I've developed a new passion for spitting.  It's especially fun to do it when I'm eating, and I love to put my lips together and spit- leaving my mom covered in food, and my dad covered in sweet potatoes at dinnertime.  When they "yell" at me for spitting, I usually just giggle hysterically.  Haha- I've got my parents wrapped around my finger. :)  I still love to laugh and giggle.  I'll giggle at anything, and I love it when Mommy kisses my neck- it makes me giggle every.single.time.  I'm pretty happy, but when I'm mad, you know it.  Yes, I know... the drama queen.  I'm still a little smaller than my sister, mom is guessing around 15lbs, but isn't sure.  We'll get weighed next month at our 9-month appt.  Daddy likes to call me peanut because I'm so small.  Mom says it looks so funny to see me crawl because I'm so tiny!  Since I'm smaller than my sister, I fit nicely into 6-12 month and 9-month clothes.  I usually take 2 naps a day for about 1-1 1/2 hrs each.  I eat rice cereal with fruit late morning/lunchtime and veggies and/or meat (baby food) for dinner.  I get mad if you don't continue to put food in my mouth quickly.  I especially don't like it when I have to wait my turn when mom alternates bites between my sister and I.  I nurse when I wake up, before I have food for lunch, late afternoon, and before I go to bed for about 5-7 minutes each time.  I go to bed around 7:30pm, but lately have fussed a bit around 10:30-11 (sometimes I even eat- it depends on how much I fuss).  Usually after that I'll sleep through the night.  Mom is hoping that I start sleeping better soon!  We still use the snap-and-go stroller, but Mom will be using a regular double stroller soon.  My legs are getting squished by my sister's carseat.  Mom says that the ease of snapping the carseats in and going is about to end, and she doesn't like that so much :)

Here I am, spitting for the camera....

Yup, that's me again.... rolling around while Mom was trying to take my picture :)

And finally....
And now for my turn- Miss Makenna, here.  Check out those two bruises on my forehead.  The one on the left-side is quite nice- a nice purple egg bump right on my forehead.  That happened this morning in my crib.  I like to roll around in my crib, and when I went to lay my head down, I whacked my forehead on the crib rail.  Needless to say I wasn't too happy about it.  Mom is thinking about putting my brother's old crib bumper in my crib because I've been bumping my head more, and lately I get my chubby legs stuck in the rails.  My sister doesn't have this problem :).  I'm a happy, smiley girl, too.  I keep getting bigger and bigger and I have rolls in all of the right places.  My chubby cheeks are to die for.  I'm still a little bit bigger than my sister- mom is guessing maybe 17lbs or more?  I fit into 6-12 and 9-month clothing, but I don't have a lot of extra room in them, that's for sure! :)  We're still in size 2 diapers, but I could switch to size 3 soon, and probably will since Mom's supply of size 2 is almost gone.  I eat at the same time as my sister- late morning/lunchtime and at dinnertime.  We pretty much will eat any type of baby food, although we prefer store-bought to homemade.  This doesn't make Mom very happy, however, Mom admits that it is easier, although not cheaper, to just buy baby food from the store.  We've been eating some of Mom's natural applesauce with our rice cereal in the morning, and we like that.  We also love Mom's sweet potatoes- delish! :)  We haven't tried any "real" food or puffs yet.  Mostly because we don't have any teeth yet (our brother didn't get teeth until he was 9 months old), nor do we sit up.  So, Mom doesn't feel the need to rush and we seem happy with the amount we're eating right now.  We've both mastered drinking from a sippy cup, although I have to use one with no stopper because it's easier for me.  This usually results in lots of water all over me and the floor after I finish eating.  I, too, will nurse in the morning, before lunch, late afternoon, and before bed for 5-7 minutes.  I've been assigned the right side, and my sister, the left.  My sister and I don't nurse at the same time anymore- in fact we haven't for months.  We fit much better when we get some one-on-one time with our mom, and it works out well for everyone.  I'm pretty happy rolling around on the floor, and even though I'm not "crawling" like my sister, I can use my arms and legs to get wherever I'd like to go.  I love playing in the exersaucer, too, and so does my sister!  I still love to talk, and most of the time you can hear me babble away as I play happily.  You should come and visit me sometime to hear me tell you all kinds of stories! :)

Till next month, friends..... keepin' it real from the crib.

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